Nagrath Consultants have completed Four Year of super successful consultancy, advice and guidance to the entire Entertainment Industry and are proud to declare that in this period they have been able to successfully conclude more than 85% of the matters taken up by them. The list of clients of Nagrath Consultants reads like a virtual who is who of the Industry and with word of mouth publicity of the efficient, result oriented and professional services rendered to the clients almost every person engaged in the Industry whenever they face a problem can think of only Nagrath Consultants as they know this is one place where they can get a solution to their problems.

Nagrath Consultants
The Only Consultancy of Its Kind

      In today’s world we have Financial Consultants, Medical Consultants, Legal Consultants and many other Consultants specialized in various fields but Nagrath Consultants which is a leading Consultancy Service of the Entertainment Industry which has been Successfully Growing and Serving various sectors of the Entertainment Industry is the Only Consultancy of Its Kind as it provides all Consultancy Services needed by its clients under one roof and without any delay.

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Nagrath's Views

We are looking into and solving all problems of all Artistes, Technicians, Workers, Directors, Producers, Financers and Distributors beginning from Drafting of Agreements to Arbitration, Dispute Settlement as also Legal & Court Cases and Business Tracking and Follow Up and as far as we are concerned Nothing is Impossible and Satisfaction is Guaranteed for all our clients



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